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Boat Drinks

In February 1979 a homesick Jimmy Buffett is said to have penned “Boat Drinks” in the chill of Boston whilst yearning for warmer climes. The song was never released as a single but has over time become one of his most popular and well known tunes.

Jimmy isn’t a huge deal in the UK. I hadn’t really given him much thought past the guy who sings “Margaritaville” until I heard a podcast of Jack Johnson talking about the musical influences in his life. Growing up listening to Buffett. When I realised Jack’s wonderful cover of “A Pirate looks at Forty” was in fact Jimmy’s song, I started to realise Jimmy Buffett was somewhat of a big deal. Especially if you are a Parrothead!

Boat drinks for me is less about Jimmy being stuck in Boston in winter and more about the dream the lyrics conjure up. That dream being rum laced concoctions at sea, balmy breezes and lazy days! Orange skies as the sun sets over the oceans.

You see Jimmy Buffett is a man who knows a lot about Sea Spray for the Soul. And Jimmy gets it!

As I drive my daily commute I often sing along, amongst other favourites, to Boat Drinks. My mind wanders off to the wonderful tropical places my daily grind allows me to vacation to and indeed the deck of our own boat “White Spirit”.

Jimmy reminds me of Red Stripe by the neck whilst the sun set over a reggae cruise in Jamaica. Rum punch with a splash of salt water from the warm Aruban sea. The Dodgy Dock in Grenada, the really cool guy who played his guitar and sang Buffett songs at the request of my three year old in a dockside bar in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Beer whilst crewing for my cousin on regatta day, red wine with warm companions on a sailing course and actually every beverage I have the privilege to enjoy aboard White Spirit. It’s all about the dream of Saint Somewhere!

Boat Drinks are by far the best